KoA – Migration Event

Greetings Ladies and Lords,

As some of you may have known that we’ve opened the Migration Event in some Kingdoms.
We also keep receiving feedbacks and questions from players about when the Migration Event is available or re-opened in their kingdoms. Here we’re trying to answer some of the frequently asked questions and update the event schedule with you:

– When will be the next Round Migration Event opened and in which kingdoms?
Reply: The third Round Migration Event is scheduled to be opened on this week and will be available in certain kingdoms before K250. That doesn’t mean all the Kingdoms before K250 can join the event. We only selected some groups of them according to the certain rules. (You can check the rules in the second question)

– How are the kingdoms selected?
Reply: The kingdoms will be selected according to different factors: Kingdom opening days, numbers of active players, battles and high-level players, languages, and region of the major players and etc. For example, we prefer to put the kingdoms of the same languages in the same group, because we think it’s easier for them to communicate. And we try to avoid to making certain kingdoms too powerful and will probably not group them together. The goal is to improve the game community. So if the event is not available in your kingdom, you may need more patience and wait for the next round.

– What if there is no suitable Kingdom for me to migrate?
Reply: We will try our best to group the kingdoms in a more reasonable way and will keep improving that. If there is no suitable kingdom for you, you don’t need to be sad, as we will open the event in more kingdoms in the future, not only the new kingdoms but also the kingdoms which had this event already, have the chance to join again!

Hope that can answer the most questions you got. If you’ve got more questions, please feel free to contact our support team by tapping on “Help & Support”.
For the rules of the Migration event please input “change, kingdom, migrate or migration”
If you have feedback or questions for the event, please tap on the “Migration Event”

See you on the battlefield!

Merlin and the KoA team