CoK – The Treasure Rift – A Guide

Clash of Kings
To access The Treasure Rift to either gather or plunder you first must complete some challenges.
There are currently 8 challenges in total that can be unlocked, the higher the level unlocked the faster your gathering will be… However, in the higher levels, you are more likely to be attacked and lose a portion of what you have already gathered upon a loss.

Any unit loss in the Treasure Rift won’t affect your main units in the castle. So this means NO Deaths and NO Wounded will be added outside of The Rift.

  • Each level will allow you to have a 300k march
  • Will be using your own Statistics for each level
  • Will need to set up with your own March composition
  • Proposed March should have at least 60,000 T10 infantry
  • Each battle will give you a Rift report at bottom of screen


  • Each level will increase the March size by 50K and mine at a faster rate
  • Each mining level will have 20 to 100 pages to scroll through containing various mines to gather or plunder
  • Each page will have 1 super mine which will gather at a slightly faster rate
  • 5 chances per day for free to plunder
  • More times to plunder will cost 1000 Gold
  • Gold increases by 1000 the more plunder times u add on
  • Switch once per day for free and switching more than once will cost 3000 Gold each time
  • After gathering/plundering from the mines you will collect Mysterious Treasure items they can be used in the Rift store to purchase various items
  • Fine iron (0/50,000) at a cost of 10 Treasures per unit
  • Evolution stone (0/200) at a cost of 500 Treasures per unit
  • 80K Iron (0/2000) at a cost of 400 Treasures per unit
  • 20k Mithril (0/10) at a cost of 500 Treasures per unit
  • 2HR Building speedups (0/2000) at a cost of 400 Treasures per unit
  • 2HR Research speedups (0/2000) at a cost of 400 Treasures per unit
  • 2HR Troop Training speedups (0/2000) at a cost of 400 Treasures per unit
  • Promotion stone (0/10) at a cost of 30,000 per unit

Level 6 RIFT MUST BE UNLOCKED to be able to access Promotion stone purchases.

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