CoK – Global DC Round 3 Playoffs

Clash of Kings

🐲Global DC Round 3 Playoffs. ⚔️
Hey Lords,
Some came with full force, others yielded to the might of their fierce opponents.
All came a long way fighting to make it this far to pledge the sword for the glory of the Dragon!!
Here is The list of Streams from the Matches by
Resident Streamers:
👉 Willbender:
-LDH VS KSA = LDH Victory  🏅
-BK1 VS UOF = BK1 Victory  🏅

👉 Tory: Live Stream from Facebook:
AGH VS KOD = AGH Victory  🏅
-TVB VS XDX = TVB Victory  🏅
-DNK vs 1GB = DNK Victory  🏅

👉 Jake:
-Kha VS ERO = Kha Victory  🏅
-C0K VS WAT = C0K  🏅

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