Civilization Fortress Optimization – More mines, more production!

Clash of Kings

New-version interface: Added a building interface to the fortress, multiple buildings can be placed at the same time. Each building is upgraded independently.

Higher resource production: You can place at most 5 advanced resource mines at the same time. Added the production of Research Stone and Fine Iron when your Civilization Crystal production is increased. Many resources can be produced at the same time and you can collect all products with one tap. This will help you develop faster!

Plundering is more interesting: After attacking and occupying an enemy’s Civilization Fortress, your attacking troops will gather the resource in the fortress directly. The longer the plunder time, the more resource you can plunder. When an enemy is plundering your resources, you can send troops to attack them and re-gain your fortress and protect your resources.

Special Tips:
To deal with the data, we will close the function of Civilization Fortress before the new-version Civilization Fortress is launched.
Civilization Fortress will be taken back automatically after we finish processing the data. To use the new functions, Lords need to place Civilization Fortress again.

In the plundering battles of the new-version Civilization Fortress, the soldiers from both the defending and attacking sides will die. There is also the upper limit of plundering times each day.

For more details, please refer to the content in the game.


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